Callejón del agua

The medieval facade shows significant sculpture by the American writer Washington Irving



Located in the Historic centre of Seville, the Callejón del Agua palace offers its guests the opportunity of living in one of the most exclusive and traditional houses of Seville. The palace is located in the representative Sevillian neighbourhood of Santa Cruz. From the different rooms and terraces of the palace, the guests will enjoy the unequalled views of the Alcázar gardens, full of soaring palm trees and the geometric parterres.

This magnificent Thirteen Century building was originally part of the Alcázar (Royal Palace). Nowadays, it is an independent residence which colourful patio is one of the most photographed sights in Seville. The medieval façade shows a significant sculpture of the American writer Washington Irving, who lived within these walls while he wrote his most famous work “Tales from the Alhambra”. Today, the palace is one of the properties of the Marchioness of Tenorio, granddaughter of Duke of Peñaranda, nephew of Eugenie de Montijo, Empress of France.

This palace has been carefully restored during 2003, and today offers all kind of modern conveniences without loosing the ambiance of a private residence. It is important to understand that the Callejón del Agua Palace is not a hotel but an aristocratic residence furnished with antique furniture, pictures, silver, personal objects, and an important collection of contemporary paintings. In addition, guests will be assisted by Marchioness personal servants in all they might need during the stay.